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faces iMake for iPhone
faces iMake for iPhone
faces iMake for iPhone


faces iMake for iPhone

"Faces iMake is the most entertaining and creatively expressive app for the iPhone I've seen."

(Parents' Choice Foundation)

faces iMake for iPhone

"Collage art app that will inspire both kids and adults of all ages."


faces iMake for iPhone

"It’s fun and addicting — if you can get it away from your kids.

Daniel Pink (Author, A Whole New Mind)

faces iMake for iPhone

"Faces iMake is simple to use, with endless versatility - so inspiring!"


faces iMake for iPhone
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faces iMake for iPhone
faces iMake for iPhone

Following the success of Faces iMake, Magine machine™ llc presents:

it is ok to make faces!

Faces iMake develops creativity in children and adults alike by uncovering an alternative way of seeing.


twist and turn

Duplicate, turn, flip and resize (scale) the more than 200 objects. Faces iMake has a friendly and intuitive interface.


bring your own objects!

Add your own items using your iPad camera or choosing from your picture library. Your bank of images can be endless and unique.


collaboration encouraged!

An inspiration gallery includes 20 works by artist and educator Hanoch Piven, whose art inspired the application.
These can be edited in the spirit of true Wiki collaboration.


eye opening art lessons

Push the video lessons button and learn how to think outside the box. Hanoch Piven will teach you and your children how to take your imagination further.


Faces iMake HD is brought to you by
iMagine machine™ llc and Hanoch Piven.

For questions, feedback or ideas please
email us at: support@facesimake.com

Keep making faces.
The Faces iMake team.